North Eastern Community Health Association NECHA

Linked with Elizabeth Edattukaran – India.

Vision: “Envisage a just and peaceful society where people enjoy life in its fullness.”
Mission: Empower the poor, the marginalized and the vulnerable to take responsibility for themselves and the society through a process of community health.
Goal: NECHA strives to make community health a people’s initiative in the village of North East India. (see here).

Organizational Profile;

Genesis (Profile, scroll down): Fr. K.C George, a diocesan priest from the Archdiocese of Imphal, who was convinced of the philosophy of community health and the practical approach of alternative systems of treatment in North East, was instrumental for conceiving the idea of NECHA in the North-East. In fact he is the founder father of NECHA. A team of nurse sisters was his support in the initial stages.

Two dioceses Imphal & Dibrugarh picked up the spirit of community health in the beginning and went ahead with a lot of activities for the well being of the rural populace of the dioceses and by and large got the recognition of the diocesan authorities. The committed leaders in these two dioceses who made the rural health ministry the part and parcel of the diocesan activities is carried forward even today.

The services rendered as presidents of NECHA by Fr. KC George, Rev. Fr. Thomas Mekalath (A Homeo doctor from Aizawl diocese), Sr. Barbara SCCG, Sr. Elizabeth Edattukaran FMA should be recognized by the well-wishers of NECHA. The struggle of Fr. Kurian Joseph, a diocesan priest from the newly-formed diocese of Miao (Arunachal Pradesh) as its director, in buying land and setting up a permanent structure at Guwahati was a marvelous effort … (full text).

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