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  • Who can help an expatriate better than another expatriate?
  • Expat blog is a project held by expatriates, for expatriates. Our ambition is to help people who want to live abroad, wherever they are in the world, and wherever they would like to live. The main idea is to make expatriates share their experience. Everybody can participate. (about).

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Overview /Destinations: The living abroad participative website. Would you like to live, study or work in a foreign country? Or just discover how life is on the other side of the planet? Expat blog is dedicated to expatriates who want to share their living abroad experience. You’ll find in this section all the information you need to move abroad. Everybody can participate!  

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Nobody else but an expatriate is in a position to help another expatriate to settle down abroad. We give you the opportunity to write anything you like about your experience. Visa procedures, education, food, shopping, night life, it’s up to you! Inform us about the healthcare system, how to find a job abroad, how to find an accomodation or any other topic of your choice and help other expats make the move.

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