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the network for progressa network of people, nonprofits, and foundations, creating change together

Glowfish is the fastest growing network of people, organizations, and ideas dedicated to progress. Like you, everyone and everything here believes in bettering the human condition, whether through sharing the arts or the provision of essential needs, whether on this continent or another, whether in our free time or as our livelihood. Glowfish is dedicated to creating connections and the sharing of ideas that create action toward bettering humanity. Glowfish is completely free and has something for everyone.
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Contact: For now, you can contact us by e-mail, or by messaging our organization on the site itself.

About Glowfish: Glowfish is a network for progress.

It is people, organizations and ideas coming together to improve the human condition. It is passionate people, dedicated organizations, and innovative ideas that improve the quality of human life across the entire spectrum of human activity, from helping people fulfill their basic needs to the sharing of arts. And while this is a community driven by ideas, it is equally about creating action.
We’re new, and will soon be adding more here.

ein Social Network für Nonprofits, Stiftungen und interessierten Personen, das dem Teilen und Weiterentwickeln von Ideen, dem Vermitteln von Kontakten oder auch dem Suchen von Helfern für Projekte dient.

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