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About: Established in 2009, The Global Urbanist is a news portal reviewing urban affairs and urban management issues in cities throughout the developed and developing world. 

It connects to a professional audience of urban and regional planners and policymakers, civil society leaders, and scholars of urban environments and their communities.

Networking the world’s cities:

  • The problems facing cities in the developed and developing worlds are increasingly converging, as seen in the areas of climate change, sustainability, globalisation, culture, transport and infrastructure.
  • The Global Urbanist seeks to track this convergence, and to encourage organisations in each city to reach out to each other and collaborate on similar problems.

Bringing cities to the centre of global politics:

  • As the world’s urban population rises to become the majority, urban issues are taking greater importance on the world stage.
  • Yet while our political leaders continue to make decisions based on a framework of nation-states and international protocols, only at the local scale do we see how these decisions affect the lives of real people and real communities.
  • We increasingly see that city governments around the world are having to take similar corrective actions to redress the social impacts of economic decisions at the international level.
  • These city governments must be elevated to the ranks of global leadership to reinstall people at the centre of international policy.
  • Only by giving the world’s cities a combined voice in the media can we know the real impact of our political decisions and rebuild the bridge between international leaders and our communities. The Global Urbanist seeks to be that voice.

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