found at http://fr.news.yahoo.com/050517/290/4f0u7.html (a french website) some good news, posted there on May 17th: The government of Brazil is linking poor villages to the internet by satelit. Already 3200 villages

have received this connection, IVAPORUNDUVA is one of them, a very poor village having been founded some 300 years ago by escaping slaves, in a narrow valley 300 km southwest of Sao Paolo.

A big step for them, as they have now access to medical help, marketing possibilities and free scool lessons for their children, says Jennifer Bussell, Berkley University of Californie who works on low price programms for India.

Some other 1200 other villages in Brazil have to receive this year the same installation. Antonion Albuquerque is responsible for the programm.

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