CIDSE – together for global justice

CIDSE is an international alliance of Catholic development agencies. Its 16 members from Europe and North America share a common strategy in their efforts to eradicate poverty and establish global justice.

We are inspired by our Christian faith. Our compassion is rooted in hope and love. The strength and resourcefulness of our members’ Southern partners and the communities they serve is the starting point for our analysis, which we do from the perspective of our option for the poor. We believe a better world can and must be achieved so that all can enjoy the fullness of life … (full text Mission and Values).

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About: We are an international alliance of Catholic development agencies working together for global justice.  

16 catholic development organisations from Europe & North America, inspired by shared Christian values, come together under the CIDSE umbrella to promote global justice and solidarity. Central to CIDSE’s policy formulation and advocacy is its member organisations’ work on a wide range of priorities, with local partner organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Contributing to the fight against poverty and inequality, as well as bringing about sustainable development and well-being by challenging global structural injustices are key elements of CIDSE’s mission, which we attempt to achieve through joint advocacy, campaigning and development cooperation work.

Our priority issues are global governance; resources for development; food, agriculture & sustainable trade; climate justice; and business & human rights.

As a lay-led Catholic network, we believe in a world with peaceful and fair foundations where the lives and choices of rich and poor alike are transformed through solidarity.

Working together in North and South: … (full text about).


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