Development Initiatives – engage, empower, eliminate poverty

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Development Initiatives is an independent organisation working for poverty elimination. We Engage to increase access to and understanding of information and statistics related to poverty. We Empower by putting this information, and the capacity to use it, in the hands of poor people and others working to reduce poverty. We believe that transparent and accessible information can play a key role in making aid more effective, and in enhancing choice, security and opportunity for the world’s poorest people. Our vision is to Eliminate Poverty by 2025. (Homepage).

There is one only URL for the whole site. To reach items, click on the internal links, as: Homepage; Articles/Blogs, What we do, Our Work, Our Team, Contacts.
Address: Development Initiatives Ltd, Keyward Business park, Jocelyn Drive, Wells, BA5 1DB, UK;

What we do
: Since 1992, we have been working with governments, multilateral organisations and NGOs. Our programmes of work have a focus on poverty elimination and we have a particular expertise in analyzing, interpreting and improving information about international aid and development and making it more transparent and accessible.

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