Voluntary Legal Organisation

… Our organisation operates under a number of key philosophies and aimed to address a number of issues include:

  • 1. Gender and education gaps in society.
  • 2. Role of women in shaping their communities.
  • 3. Empowering women to become more involved and actively participate in social decision making.
  • 4. Enabling disadvantaged woman to use the experience and education gained to help others in similar situation. (full text International NGO).

Voluntary Legal; Working Links; Events; Gallery, Videos; Law-Services: Employment, Housing, Family, Company and Commercials; Wills and Contracts; Claim Handlers; Donate;
Addresses (1 of 2): London House, Head Office, 271-273 Kings Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 9LZ, UK;

Our Aims and Objectives: The organisations have several aims and objectives, it seeks to address when supporting and working with the community, these include:  
Educating the community members on their legal rights and responsibilities:

  • Through our programs such as workshops , one to one session and networking events, we aim to educated those members of the community who have little knowledge acquire the necessary skills and right levels of awareness.

Empowering community members through education:

  • By informing the community members about the current legal system this enables them to address their personal matters openly, and they are able to use what they have learned to dealing with any future problems.

Creating and supporting volunteering opportunities:

  • Although the primary objective of Voluntary legal organisation is to support the community through legal means, we are also committed to enhancing employment and working opportunities amongst the community. The organisation has set-up a volunteering program, to encourage the generation of talented individual, to actively exercise their theoretical knowledge in a more practical environment, thus helping make a difference in their community.

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