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The Telugu people or Telugus (Telugu: తెలుగు ప్రజలు) are an ethnic group of India. They are the native speakers of the Telugu language, the most commonly spoken language in India after Hindi and Bengali. They are one of the many Dravidian ethnic groups that inhabit South India. They are mostly native to Andra Pradesh, with significant populations in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Orissa.
Tamils, in their Sangam literature in the beginning of Christian era, called Telugu people Vadugu, Vadagu, Vadugar etc., meaning “northerners”. Jayagondar’s work called Kalingattupparani used words like Telungaru and Vadugu to describe Telugus.[2] … (full long text on en.wikipedia /Pople). More on Telugu on en.wikipedia: Distinguishion /Discussions, the Language, and the Native Speakers;

More websites: Comedy /videos; ThesisEthnologue report; Learning /Resources; Literature; Online Dictionary;; Shabdkosh; Susumu Kuno’s;

The Telugu – Associations for and by the Telugu People, World’s first Encyclopedia of Telugu (Natives in Andhra Pradesh/India). Telugu vaariki ee website oka encyclopedia kaavaalani maa aakaanksha. Telugu vaaru prapanchamlo yekkada unna Telugu loanae maatlaadaalani maa aasa. Ee prayathnam phalinchaalani ee thayaaru chaesaamu. Ashta Dikpaalakulu, Nakshatraalu vanti arudaina Telugu padaalu ee home-page lo unnaayi. Migathaa vishayaalu separate pages lo classify chaesaamu. Mee comments email cheyyandi. (Telugu lo maatlaadandi. (Telugu vaadinani garvapadandi) … Do you have a Telugu Website? Want to add URL? Missing Data?
Want your name in Meeru Telugaa? – Site owned by: YourBabysName Dot Com Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India … Contacts.

Diaspora Foundation /connecting with the roots: is an initiative of Diaspora Foundation ®. 

The Foundation is a registered body that attempts to document and promote research in themes directly relevant in understanding of Indian Diaspora. website attempts to document the history of Telugu emigration through its activities, both academic and cultural. Telugu Diaspora consists of Telugus living beyond the borders of current day Andhra Pradesh- those living overseas and within India. The Telugu Diaspora identifies with various aspects of Telugu the language they speak, Telugu. The present Telugu Diaspora communities have their origins mainly from the state of Andhra Pradesh (India) and other parts of India including Presidency of Madras.

Patterns of Telugu Emigration: … (full long text Welcome Page to Telugu Diaspora).


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