Index July 2011

2011-07-01: Global Urbanist GU;
2011-07-01: Freakonomics;
2011-07-02: Above Top Secret ATS – deny ignorance;
2011-07-02: National Farmer’s Union NFU;
2011-07-03: Comité Catholique contre la Faim et pour le Développement CCFD;
2011-07-03: CIDSE – together for global justice;
2011-07-04: Planetizen – Urban Planning, Design and Development Network;
2011-07-04: Spiritualité 3G;
2011-07-05: Owen abroad – Owen’s thoughts on development and beyond;
2011-07-05: Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom;
2011-07-06: aidinfo – better info, better aid;
2011-07-06: Development Initiatives – engage, empower, eliminate poverty;
2011-07-07: Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects CADIP;
2011-07-07: Avocet Services Limited;
2011-07-08: Sprungtuch – Anlaufstelle für Gewaltopfer;
2011-07-08: Voluntary Legal Organisation;
2011-07-09: Websites for Telugu People;
2011-07-10: World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts WAGGGS;
2011-07-10: Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation BGRF;
2011-07-11: Global Footprint Network;
2011-07-11: Foundation for International Community Assistance FINCA;
2011-07-12: General Social Care Council GSCC;
2011-07-12: Center for Sustainable Economy;
2011-07-13: Nusantara Development Initiatives;
2011-07-13: Food for the Hungry;
2011-07-13: Fêtes de Genève;
2011-07-13: last entry on this blog.


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