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Mission: The IBE’s main mission is to act as UNESCO’s centre specialized in contents, methods and structure of education. It builds networks to share expertise on curriculum development in all regions of the world and aims to introduce modern approaches in curriculum design and implementation, improve practical skills and promote informed policy dialogue at national, regional and international levels … (full text).

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About: The International Bureau of Education (IBE): a global centre in the area of curriculum development and a field-oriented institute supporting UNESCO action aimed at attaining quality Education for All.

The IBE’s approach to curriculum development is based on principles such as building on existing strengths and achievements; supporting countries in mobilizing the best local expertise they can actually identify; promoting exchanges and knowledge sharing; making available the most up-to-date information resources; fostering meaningful and productive interactions between local and international experts; and encouraging the ownership, participation and creativity of local decision-makers and curriculum developers.

Instead of imposing predefined models or prescribing solutions applicable everywhere, the IBE facilitates access to different experiences and assists curriculum specialists and relevant stakeholders in gaining new perspectives on complex issues and making their own informed decisions by exploring the advantages and disadvantages of different options in compliance with their own contexts and needs.

IBE capacity-building activities concentrate on the strategic dimension of assistance and advice to, and training of, national teams responsible for curriculum change and development processes. Networking activities focus on the support to a Community of Practice (COP) in Curriculum Development, a unique global network of curriculum specialists, practitioners, national officers and researchers in over 90 countries.

IBE knowledge base consists of a wide range of specialized resources, including databases, reports, studies, working papers, publications, specialized collections and tools. This comprehensive set of resources can be exploited for a variety of purposes, including training and decision-making, and facilitate informed policy dialogue on specific educational and curriculum issues … (full text).

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