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Our Mission: Help eliminate the climate of fear and ignorance that makes family violence possible;
Our Vision: A world where violence is not used to solve problems and parties to relationships are not required to sacrifice integrity and well-being as a condition of participation. (Homepage, Helplines and Sign Petition).

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About: The Baitul Salaam Residence for Abused and Neglected Women and Children.

Since November 1, 1999 the shelter program has housed 610 women and children from various parts of the US and four foreign countries (Pakistan, India, Egypt, Ghana and Tanzania). Through our outreach program we have assisted thousands with gas money and bus fare to look for work, referrals for medical assistance, housing, legal and many other services.

The Shelter Program needs a minimum of $150,00 to meet the present need of our community. Such will enable a 24/7 hotline, pay salaries for a staff of four salaries, and increase our intervention services in general. The organization needs an additional $100,000 per year to properly fund the Education and Advocacy Programs. Our goal is to raise the total sum of $250,000 per year by December of each year, insh’Allah.

Your assistance is needed to reach this goal. Your individual donation of $10 per month goes a long way to feed, clothe and shelter families in crisis. We ask organizations, masaajid and business owners to donate a minimum of $100 month.

Please do not hesitate to ask friends, family members, and co-workers to join you in giving help to families who are in crisis due to abuse and negligence.

Your donations are tax deductible.

Added 14 Dec. 2008: received by mail: Good Evening, Thank you for mentioning us in your newsletter. I am Hadayai Majeed administrator of the Baitul Salaam Network, Inc. thank you for mentioning us in your newsletter.  However the information is outdated.  We have housed approximately 610 women and children since 1999. If you could update this information it will help us get funding. Thanks! Hadayai.

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