Medical Aid and Relief for the Children of Chechnya MARCCH

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Welcome to In Chechnya the children are the most vulnerable and innocent victims of the recent Chechen wars. Medical Aid and Relief for Children of Chechnya (MARCCH) is there to help countless children, many orphaned, who receive little or no medical aid and have no one to care about their plight. Years of living in cramped and inadequate conditions or refugee camps, coupled with poor nutrition, have caused the health of many children to deteriorate still further with dire consequences to this day. Diseases such as TB have consequently taken a greater hold on the Chechen population … (Homepage).

Third SOAS Conference Nov. 27, 2008 (where??);

About: Our Mission is to bring relief to children who have been injured as a result of the conflicts in Chechnya.

We offer aid to needy children irrespective of their religion, nationality or ethnic background We neither hold nor express any views on the political background to the conflicts. The trustees of MARCCH reflect the charity’s international character and identity. We belong to different religions, nationalities and ethnic origin. We believe that standards of decency and care are universal but we are also mindful and respectful of cultural and social differences. When dealing with the people of Chechnya, our main concern is to relate to them in ways that we hope show sensitivity and tact. To that end we have already established a local network of contacts. We are also of course interested in working with others who have the expertise and know how needed to help children in war-torn zones around the world.

Our Trustees:

  • Professor Donald Rayfield, Queen Mary’s, London University (Chairman)
  • Professor George Hewitt
  • Satanay Mufti Dorken (Chief Executive)
  • Mrs Tamara Mufti
  • Dr Derek Pickard, Imperial College of Science

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