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Welcome to the Global Sisterhood Network via a domain which is a natural outgrowth of our many projects over the past decade

Founded in 1996, the Global Sisterhood Network largely consists of feminists from around the world who work hand-in-hand, irrespective of class, colour or creed, in a collaborative effort to create improved lives for women. GSN operates at several levels, but in the main as an information resource centre via the monitoring of media and institutional reports which seek emerging developments in agriculture, economics, employment, environment, health, law, militarism, politics, technology, trade and science, and which either directly and indirectly impact on the realities of women’s lives. To meet this goal, GSN’s electronic list places considerable emphasis on issues have which attracted sparse attention and/or analysis from a feminist perspective … (Welcome 1/2).

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Contact: Lynette Dumble, Founder Of Global Sisterhood Network.

Welcome 2/2: … GSN’s electronic list archives consist of in excess of 35,000 messages from a global community of feminists, and are located at yahoo groups.

In addition to being an invaluable resource centre, GSN’s archives confirm the intense struggle which lies ahead in today’s climates of feminized poverty, and military, domestic,cultural and communal violence against women, as the world spirals backwards into the fascism which bred cultures of hatred and major conflict in the previous century.

The GSN Domain also features both old and new online resources which include Friends Of GSN , Campaign Alerts, News Feeds, and a constantly-changing dynamic content.

Overall the GSN domain is an organic process of expansion,which would not have happened were it not for the tireless work of the Free-Libre-Open-Source-Software Community. As a non-profit organisation, GSN owes a huge debt of gratitude to all those unsung Humanitarians of Code, who devote their time and energies to writing the software which we are proud and honoured to use.
(Lynette Dumble, Founder and Director of the Global Sisterhood Network).

External Link:, with /Women’s History.

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