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UNTV’s series of 12 x 26′ news-magazine programmes puts a spotlight on the world’s most underreported stories. Each episode features 2-3 character-driven, human interest stories that reflect some of the most important issues affecting the world, and our lives today. Our cameras offer unique and often unparalleled access to people and places and stay to bring you the stories as they unfold over time, long after other news outlets leave. From the child labour situation in Tanzania to the woman’s struggle in Afghanistan, from the poverty streets in Somalia to the frontline of the guerilla war in Colombia, this series brings home the stories viewers care about, but rarely see. Presented as a fully-packaged programme, and also available by feature segment (approximately 8′ each), 21st Century incorporates narrative storytelling with balanced, accurate reporting and is adaptable to local languages. Currently fifty international broadcasters air the magazine monthly, including BBC World and RTVE. (21st Century TV series).

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UN Photo:

  • UN Photo provides photographs of meetings and events at Headquarters as well as activities in the field to journalists and broadcasters covering UN activities, through the UN Photo Library at Headquarters as well as through its online digital photo archive management system.
  • The UN Photo Library also has a one-of-a-kind archive of over 800,000 images that chronicle the history of the Organization, available to publishers and the media. Digital photos are available as soon as the images are acquired and processed. Nominal fees for the issuance of prints may apply.
  • For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • United Nations Photo Library, Room S-805 L, Tel. +1 (212) 963-6927 and +1 (212) 963-0034, Fax: +1 (212) 963-1658 and +1 (212) 963-3430, e-mail.

UNTV and UN Video:

  • UN Video produces two television series throughout the year: 21st Century, the monthly 30-minute newsmagazine featuring human-interest stories in a dynamic, field-oriented style; and UN in Action, the series of short features on the work of the United Nations in the field. UN Video also produces Year in Review, the 15-minute documentary produced annually in December that captures the major highlights of the Organization’s activities and initiatives during the year in the life of the United Nations that provides an excellent overview of the events that affected the world.
  • UN TV provides live daily feeds of meetings, conferences and special events at UN Headquarters in New York and around the world. These daily TV feeds are used regularly by the three main syndicators — APTN, Reuters, and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) — as well as many individual broadcasters.
  • The United Nations and its Agencies invite major international broadcasters to join in distribution partnerships that offer a full range of bold, engaging and diverse television programming. The UN welcomes innovative ideas for collaboration in the form of co-productions, new genres or TV formats that will enable us to diversify our audience.
  • To become a partner, broadcasters should be an official, established media organization, channel or network, for at least the past two years; have a minimum audience size of one million viewers; and provide feedback on content and actual broadcast. UN Video programmes are free of charge to authorized broadcasters who have negotiated a Letter of Agreement with specific terms and conditions. The selection of partners is at the discretion of the UN Promotion and Distribution Unit.
  • For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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