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One excellent resource is ‘The newer Journal of Community Informatics’ See below some items:

Welcome to the Journal of Community Informatics. The second issue of the Journal of Community Informatics,, with the theme of “Sustainabilty and Community ICTs” is now available. This issue will explore the challenges of creating sustainable projects and initiatives, and explore the local changes, developments and transformations that result from these efforts.

The first issue of the Journal,, is still available.

About Community Informatics: Community Informatics (CI) is the study and the practice of enabling communities with Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs). CI seeks to work with communities towards the effective use of ICTs to improve their processes, achieve their objectives, overcome the “digital divides” that exist both within and between communities, and empower communities and citizens in the range of areas of ICT application including for health, cultural production, civic management, e-governance among others.

The Journal of Community Informatics brings together a global range of academics, CI practitioners and national and multi-lateral policy makers. Each issue of the Journal of Community Informatics will contain double blind peer-reviewed research articles as well as commentaries by leading CI practitioners and policy makers.

Call for Submissions: We continue to accept article submissions,, for upcoming issues.

You can sign up for a free subscription,, to the Journal of Community Informatics. Receive regular notification of new issues and articles, as well as other information about the journal and related products.

Community Informatics Discussion Lists:
There are two e-mail discussion lists available to Community Informatics researchers and practitioners. Send a message to:, subscribe with one of the following in the body of the message:

subscribe communityinformatics, or, subscribe ciresearchers.

Call for Reviewers: would you like to be a reviewer for the Journal of Community Informatics? Send an e-mail to the editor,, indicating your qualifications and research interests.

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