Focuss.Info – a collaborative research tool for global development cooperation

The Focuss.Info Initiative is a collaborative platform for the creation and sharing of knowledge of valuable electronic resources in the field of global development cooperation. Focuss.Info improves the creation and sharing of global development knowledge in general and global development research specifically. This is being realized through three phases: … (about 1/2).

Focuss.Info search engine indexes;
Who is Focuss (partners form a to Z);
Contact: skype =, e-mail.

About 2/2 – Three phases:

  • 1) Storing hand-picked favorite Internet resources in social bookmark accounts (more … );
  • 2 Sharing the hand-picked favorite Internet resources through a search engine (more … );
  • 3 Creating a platform that improves knowledge creation and sharing (more … ).

Steps you need to take:

  • Go to or another social bookmark platform of your preference, like, and create a social bookmark account for saving your favorite websites in global development cooperation on the Internet;
  • Send the coordinators of Focuss.Info an e-mail to our Info mail and tell them what the location is of your social bookmark account.

Steps Focuss.Info needs to take:

  • The coordinators of Focuss.Info will include your social bookmark account in the index of the Focuss search engine. As a result, your favorite websites are being indexed in the search engine and made easily accessible to you and your peers in the field of global development cooperation;
  • You can add the Focuss search engine by coping and pasting the search engine source code. Please click here!


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