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Convention Statement: We, the participants of this convention on human development, believe that we must take control of our own future and work for an enabling environment for pro-poor and development-friendly public policy. We pledge to continue working for a Pakistan where:

  • Governance of public institutions is transparent and effective; there is austerity in government spending; and wide public participation in national decision-making.
  • Ready access to justice for all is ensured, constitutional supremacy and rule of law is established, and the independence of judiciary and media is respected.
  • Public spending is re-directed to significantly increase investments in education, primary and preventive health care, and grass roots economic development.
  • The culture of dependence on foreign aid and loans is curtailed.
  • Social and economic entrepreneurs are given the space to create a vibrant and just society.

(Convention Statement).

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About: Introduction: For the past decade, the Human Development Foundation of North America (HDF) has helped more than 200,000 of the most underprivileged people in all four provinces of Pakistan.

HDF believes in “helping people help themselves.”

This philosophy is carried out by the founding of educational programs, preventative healthcare education, empowering communities, creating physical infrastructure, vocational training, as well as economic development programs, where members of the community become the leaders.

HDF was formed by the American-Pakistani community, in 1997, as a gift to the people of Pakistan on the 50th anniversary of the country’s independence.

In past 10 years, HDF has been successful in achieving the following towards the goals of health and human development in Pakistan: … (full long text).

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