Challenging Homophobia

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History: Lesbian Information Service is an independent organisation. Set up in July 1987 by Jan Bridget (Foster) and Sandra Lucille, it has provided one-to-one support to lesbians of all ages and backgrounds throughout Britain via face-to-face work, support groups, helplines, publications, newsletter, pen-pal schemes, telephone and correspondence counselling, residentials, campaigns, training, projects … (full long list of links).

This website seems have been updated until 2004. But some articles and researches are still available.

News (updated 20.1.04);
Address: P.O. Box 8, Todmorden, Lancashire, OL14 5TZ;
Contact: Tel: 01706.817235

Homepage: Established in 1987, Lesbian Information Service:

  • has developed a unique training programme which looks at Homophobia Awareness from a Multi-Oppression Perspective and provided training to hundreds of service providers (youth, mental health, health, alcohol, social work, education, housing, clergy, police, voluntary organisations)
  • develops publications to back-up its work in helping service providers, researchers and individuals
  • probably has one of the best research libraries in Britain on lesbian and gay health and social issues (especially lesbian and gay youth, alcohol, mental health)
  • has conducted research around young lesbians and gays, alcohol, lesbians and housing
  • has supported thousands of lesbians, in particular young lesbians and lesbians who are coming out; LIS can no longer offer a support service to individual lesbians
  • has provided information and support to thousands of service providers (youth, mental health, health, education, social services, counselling and advice), researchers and journalists

… (full text Homepage).

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