The World Puja Network

Linked with CSETI/Disclosure Project News – Upcoming Interviews and Reports, with Steven Greer: Redefining Alternative Energy, with the Orion-Project, and with Steven Greer: Redefining Alternative Energy.

Mission Statement: The World Puja Network is a global internet broadcasting system serving as a catalyst for communication in the emerging New World. We inform, inspire and empower humanity to actively engage their creative capacities to instigate change and catapult an upgraded shift of global consciousness. The World Puja Network changes lives. (on Homepage).

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Address: World Puja Network, LLC, 2305-C Ashland St. #405, Ashland, OR 97520, USA;

Great Resources: Welcome To “Great Resources” at the The World Puja Network. We created this resource page to open up further avenues for you, our listening audience, to support, inspire, inform, and assist you in as many ways as we could, as we move together as ONE to bring Heaven to Earth.

We decided that just having banners and links was not enough. Here is our version of “linking” you up to some really great people, movies, retreats, sacred travels, inspired art, means of nutritional support and more. Our selection process was done (and will continue to be done) with deep consideration for each of you and great respect for each of our “Great Resources” … (full text).

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