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Established in 1981, the James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership pursues a bold mission: “to foster leadership excellence through scholarship and education, with special attention to advancing the leadership of groups historically underrepresented in public life.” The vision that informs our work at the Academy is of a world where able leadership has resulted in peace, social justice, environmental sustainability, and shared prosperity – locally, nationally, and internationally. (Mission). /mission.html

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About: Have you ever marveled at the apparent ease with which a world-class musician, dancer, or athlete performs at a level beyond what most of us can attain? The things they do can seem almost magical.

Of course, we know that what looks so easy is a result of a deep commitment to excellence, demonstrated through in-depth study of their craft, in self-awareness and self-discipline, and in skills well honed by practice.

So, too, with leadership.

Some leaders transform seemingly impossible situations. Others lead the way to new thinking, innovations, and ways of working together. Sometimes their success seems out of reach, just as the optimal performance of artists and athletes often does. Yet, if we avail ourselves of existing and emerging knowledge about leadership, our positive intentions can more easily bear fruit, simply because we have greater expertise and know what we are doing.

Whether you are a student, a leader at any level of authority, a leadership development professional, a leadership scholar, or anyone at all interested in claiming their power to make a difference in the world, I hope that this web site helps you to find the knowledge, tools, resources, and networks you need to work with greater joy as well as effectiveness. If you are inspired and helped by what you find, I encourage you to support our work by passing the word on to others, and if you have the means and desire to do so, by making a financial contribution to the Academy, however great or small.
(Carol S. Pearson, Director).

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