Strategic Foresight Group

anticipating and influencing global future

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SFG undertakes long-term research contracts on scenarios and future options for countries, regions and sectors. It delivers its output in the form of:

  • confidential or public reports, policy briefs, electronic updates;
  • personal briefings at the board or committee level.

Its research is most relevant for:

  • Governments and corporations that want to engage with a new country, region, or sector and want an insight into the long-term prospects for a given geography;
  • Governments, political parties, security management organisations that want to explore new long term risks and opportunities for their own societies.

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Publications and Research;
Other projects;
Global Security and Economy: Emerging Issues, 2008;
The Inclusive World Forum;
Address: Strategic Foresight Group, C-306, Montana, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai 400 053, India;

About: Strategic Foresight Group is a think tank engaged in anticipating and influencing the future in uncertain times. It produces scenarios, creates policy concepts and facilitates political processes. It advises governments and business leaders and informs the public on future trends as well as discontinuities.

Since its inception in 2002:

  • Strategic Foresight Group has worked closely with important institutions around the world;
  • It has advised governments in Asia, Europe, and North America;
  • It has deposed before committees of the House of Commons and the Indian Parliament.

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