Bay Area Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement

a simple one page site – but full of friendship (photo)

Added Nov. 20, 2008: Linked with Civil Rights Movement Veterans.

We are an organization of former civil rights workers who were active in the Southern Freedom Movement of the 1960s. We were staff and volunteers for CORE, SCLC, SNCC, NAACP and other organizations. In the years since, we’ve all gone our various ways but regardless of where we are now we consider the Movement to be one of the defining experiences of our lives.

The bonds we forged in danger, struggle, defeat, and victory neither rusted, nor withered with age. In our hearts we still stand in that Band of sisters and brothers in a circle of trust. Those of us who served in the Southern Freedom Movement and associated northern support centers are in a very real sense veterans of America’s second civil war. And like veterans of other wars, we wonder where our old friends have wandered and how they have fared. And also like veterans of other wars, some of us suffer from forms of post-traumatic stress syndrome and others of our brothers and sisters have fallen on hard times.

We don’t have a Veterans Administration — but we still have each other … (full text Homepage).

Contact on the Homepage: Tel. 510.658.6271 and e-mail.

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