United Nation’s DDR Resource Centre

United Nation’s Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration DDR Resource Centre

The United Nations has been engaged in the disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration (DDR) of former combatants in post-conflict situations for over fifteen years. Together with bilateral and non-governmental partners, the United Nations’ departments, programmes, funds, and agencies are operational in dozens of countries across the globe … (what is DDR).

IDDRS (DDR reintegration standards);
Country Programmes;
DDR Resources;
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Address: DDR, Room S-3035, Peacekeeping Best Practices Section, Department of Peacekeeping Operations Peacekeeping, United Nations, NY 10017 USA;
Contact: on about/scroll down.

About the UN Inter-Agency Working Group on DDR: The UN DDR Resource Centre is developed and managed by the UN Inter-Agency Working Group on DDR. The Working Group also performs the following key functions:

  • Provide strategic advice to assist the Organization in improving its work on DDR. This includes among others, advice on the required changes, or adjustments, to the structure and processes in the Organization relating to DDR planning, implementation and monitoring;
  • Maintain and review the developed set of United Nations guidance on DDR, including recommending how such a body of guidance can systematically and periodically reviewed and updated;
  • Advise the Organization on training needs, policies and strategies in the areas of DDR, including coordinating the roll out of this set of guidance to all United Nations partners engaged in DDR;
  • Develop and manage the United Nations DDR Resource Centre;
  • Facilitate planning of DDR operations among relevant UN agencies;
  • Undertake other DDR activities as appropriate.

Members of the UN Inter-Agency Working Group on DDR: … (full long text).

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