Kinderhilfe Afghanistan /German Aid for Afghan Children GAAC

also in german (Bildung statt Fundamentalismus)

Linked with Reinhard Erös – Germany, with Fighting for peace with the weapons of literacy, with The International Council on Security and Development ICOS, and with POPPY FOR MEDECINE.

The GERMAN AID for AFGHAN CHILDREN GAAC is a private initiative of a family in Regensburg, Germany: Dr Reinhard Eroes, Annette Eroes and their five children Veit (24), Urs (22), Welf (21), Cosima (12) and Veda (12). The organization was created 1998 to aid the medical and educational needs of Afghan refugee women and children in Pakistan and Afghanistan … (about 1/2).

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  • Paghman Trutz High School
  • Schools at Jalalabad
  • Village School of Zawa
  • Village School of Chewa
  • Sir Peter Ustinov School
  • Start of Building Additional Schools
  • “Iron Cow” (Milk Supply for Children)
  • Mother-and-Child Hospital
  • Unicef
  • Basic Health Units
  • Orphanage “Children`s House Afghanistan

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Address: Dr. med. Reinhard und Annette Erös, Im Anger 25, 93098 Mintraching, Germany;

About 2/2: … GAAC evolved through German Federal Armed Forces physician Dr. Eroes and his great expertise, acquired in over twenty years of related work. During these years, he worked extensively with UN and international relief organizations to provide humanitarian and disaster relief within the area as well as in India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, Albania, Rwanda and East-Timor. Dr Eroes worked in and for Afghanistan since 1985.

In 1987, Dr. Eroes took unpaid leave from the German Federal Armed Forces for three years and lived with his wife and their four sons in Peshawar, the Pakistan border town to Afghanistan.

Dr. Eroes worked as a physician in refugee camps and in Afghan war outposts. More than 180.000 sick or wounded people per year received treatment. They received medical care under very difficult and dangerous circumstances.

His wife, Annette Eroes established and directed the “European school of Peshawar”. In this “exotic” school (DIE WELT, 1988), children from 11 countries were educated by 6 teachers from 5 countries. Among the students were refugee children from Afghanistan, children of coworkers of relief organizations from Germany, Switzerland, France, Norway, Italy, the USA, and Japan. In 1998, this school became the “PEACE SCHOOL PESHAWAR”. This school has become one of the best schools for Afghan refugee girls.

The connection to Afghanistan expanded dramatically in the fall of 2001.

GERMAN AID for AFGHAN CHILDREN concentrates the efforts to the mountain region of Tora Bora. Several schools have already been built, among them the largest school in the country, in Jalalabad.

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