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Linked with Kip Tiernan – USA.

Our mission at the Poor People’s United Fund is to advocate for a change to the current policies, programs, conditions and perceptions affecting poor and homeless people and to alleviate the pain and suffering they are forced to endure. We seek to provide a consistent, resolute and credible voice for poor and homeless people and to counter the misperceptions and misinformation that blame poor and homeless people for the current social and financial crises. (About).

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A Message from Kip, (on the Homepage): Dear Brothers and Sisters,

For over 25 years Fran Froehlich and I have been friends and human services colleagues with a thirst for justice, working in the trenches of suffering. We have spent years helping to create an ethic that might meet these new desperate needs, and we have been responsible for creating and supporting a number of human service alternatives.

Obviously, we are doing good things, but we aren’t changing anything. We haven’t changed the playing field. And, the suffering continues to increase. What is really needed is an ethic and a moral principle that creates a greater ethic – one that eliminates the need for alternatives.

Today, a quarter of a century later, we are continuing our struggle. It has been said that the Journey to Justice can only be made in the company of others. We invite you to make that journey with us.

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