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It becomes possible in current digital age to double the ability of an individual through public ownership and sharing of information, and in conformity therewith, legal information-related institutions of Asian countries devote considerable efforts to international exchanges and cooperation … (about /Vision 1/2).

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About /Vision 2/2: … In order to operate any optimal network, however, there lies a precondition which requires not only effective exchanges and cooperation but also the diversity of individual character. In other words, it requires a standardized guideline or venue which makes it possible to smoothly exchange any information if the effect of network put in the most suitable conditions.

The purpose of the ALIN is to exchange materials and research results concerning laws, judicial precedents and any other legal information held by individual institutions in the Asian region, which take charge of the business of collecting, managing and researching such information, by forming an integrated human and material network, and to promote cooperation among related researchers and staff members through paying mutual exchange visits. In short, it aims to build a horizontal network to maximize the effective value of legal information and research results held by those institutions by sharing such information, etc. among them in on-line or off-line areas.

As each of Asian countries possesses historical, social and economical peculiarities and diversities adapted to its own environment together with geographical and cultural approximation, all the institutions participating in the network will enjoy more expanded human and material foundation through the joint or mutual sharing of legal information and related knowledge based thereon. In other words, the value of legal information and related knowledge provided by the participating institutions will be maximized by the useful capacity of all the institutions in the network, which will become possible in the horizontal network of institutions intending to voluntarily participate therein.

Link: Korea Legislation Research Institute KLRI.

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