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… While all attention was fixated on the totally controlled presidential race, everyone ignored the heart of the problem, the Congress! The powers-that-be con everyone into believing all the power lies with El Presidente. Well, it doesn’t my friends. The Congress has more power than the executive branch and the Congredss has authorized everything that’s happening … (Homepage).

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About: (excerpt): … Our campaign goals fall along two complementary strategies.  The first is to produce a pile of commercials and YouTube/Google videos to get the Kick them All Out Project and Fire Congress campaign into mass public awareness.

We envision funny, yet serious videos that target all the main issues plaguing our nation and how the solution to solving these problems resides with the Congress.  Since the current Congress has proven over and over that it has no intention of solving any problems, in fact is causing them all, these videos will point out the fact that we MUST hold them accountable by imposing some consequences for their betrayals.  WE REMOVE THEM FROM OFFICE.  WE FIRE THEM!

The second aspect of our campaign will to organize an on-the-ground effort in every Congressional district to convince enough voters to vote out incumbents and to get them to the polls.  This will obviously require a large coordinated effort and lots of campaign materials for volunteers to use.   We need a video presentation that can be played at local meetings, a handbook and an online system for each district leader can use to register voters and motivate them to actually get out and FIRE CONGRESS!

If you think this is a worthwhile campaign, please help us with whatever financial support you can afford.  I set up The Kick Them All Out Project as a non-profit corporation but decided not to make it a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) because of the massive censorship that comes along with it.  If you weren’t aware, this is why they set this option up to begin with, to give the government a powerful way to silence the bulk of organizations that would be inclined to openly criticize the powers-that-be.  If you have tax-exempt status, they can yank it if you say anything they don’t like.  So while I’d love to tell you your contribution would be tax exempt, it won’t be.  But I say it’s more important to be free to say everything that needs to be said.  It’s better to pay to play don’t you think?

From my experience in the world of business, most of what goes on in political action organizations or corporations in general, is a total waste of time and resources and does more to foster over inflated egos than anything else.

I just want to get stuff done.  I’ve laid out a very simple set of tasks, a very simple plan.  If we can accomplish step one, firing Congress, our nation will finally stand a chance of turning things around.  If we continue to allow the same people that we KNOW are going to keep screwing us to be reelected, nothing is going to change no matter how much we piss and moan about it … (full text).

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