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Kids in the Nest Educational Society is a registered Canadian/USA non-profit society

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KITNES was established to advance the education of children about the importance of animals, their protection, and the preservation of their habitat. Our website was created to bring wildlife to children through live Internet streaming. Volunteer experts from renowned conservation and athletic groups use both Internet streams and classroom presentations to teach children … (full text Homepage with links and videos).

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About /History: In April 2006 my life changed forever. Not only my life was changed, but many of yours were as well. No matter that I was sitting in front of my computer. Together with millions of people around the world, we were brought to Saanich, Hornby Island & Maine USA. We were all exposed to the inner lives of a pair of eagles, mating, doting over their young, and then watching them fly away as quickly as they had flown into each of our lives. Through that amazing and life altering experience, windows to multitudes of exciting possibilities begun to open.

It exposed us to people much like myself, some right around the corner, others all around the world. People who cared about children, our fragile and endangered ecosystem, animal abuses, recycling, education and the lack of it, children dying of hunger, AIDS and many more diseases that you and I never have to concern ourselves with. We saw animals through no fault of their own – hunted, exploited, and some even put on the endangered lists. We saw and learned and were touched and even alarmed with the burgeoning knowledge that there are yet unknown dangerous chain reaction effects resulting from the dynamics that mankind has contributed.

Hundreds of millions of people from all walks of life, different cultures, politics, religions, you name it…we all met each morning through our monitors around a number of Eagle nests, a waterhole from South Africa, and a live cam of Polar Bears streaming to us from Churchill Manitoba Canada.

One morning a fellow Grandma just like myself, saw on TV little Beavers being killed needlessly and inhumanely. We saw before our very eyes a little baby beaver being filmed below the water line, trapped in a leg hold trap, and bubbles coming from its little mouth as it struggled for its last breath. Directly above this little baby beaver, laid its mother, caught in a canibear trap around its torso as she suffocated to death.

We all asked, is it possible that we as humans have reduced ourselves to this? Surely we can do better, and stop making excuses for those that are doing such cowardly and in-humane acts. Yes, we have been exposed to a lot. Sophistication, technology and material riches. All of which I had to explain to a lot of children and explain I did. Here we send men and women into space, and yet we as humans can not come up with a humane apparatus to stop beavers from plugging up a drainage system! When I was asked by my 5 year old Great Niece Katlyn. “What can I do to help the children in South Africa and all the animals,” I stepped up to the plate as she did.

Kids in the Nest was thus formed. Many worldwide came together under this umbrella to advise us and help guide us on how we could each make a difference, no matter what the cause was, or issue at hand … (full text about).

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