Women’s Voice / Liu La Amayi – Malawi

Love, Peace and Solidarity

Women’s Voice is an indiginous non-profit and non-partisan human rights organisation which is devoted to promotion and protection of justice and welfare of women. It was formed in 1993 registered under the Trustees Incorporation’s Act in 1994 … (full text Homepage /Introduction).

Current Project Activities: Human Rights and Aids Campaign, Human Rights Awareness Campaign, Eradicating Violence Against Women in Schools, Paralegal Services, Capacity Building Trainings;
Organisation Structure;
Resource Centre;
Postal Address: Women’s Voice, P.O. Box 231, Blantyre, Malawi;
Physical Address: Nyambadwe NY6331A, Near Magalasi Bus Stage, Old Chileka Airport Road, Malawi;

Mission Statement: Women’s Voice is committed to the education and promotion of women and children’s rights through training, civic education, advocacy programmes, action oriented research and forums for dialogue.


  • To educate women about their rights and those of their children and laws that have an effect on them.
  • To educate women on the importance of love and solidarity.
  • To educate men so that they accept women as their equals and show men that their negative portrayal of women does not benefit any body.
  • To educate girls and persuade them that their capabilities and intelligence are not different from those of the boys.
  • To collect and disseminate materials on women and children’s rights including relevant conventions, cases and serious abuses.
  • To stimulate discussions on women and children’s rights in various institutions of education within Malawi.
  • To carry out research on problems faced by women and children in all areas.
  • To urge Government to amend or repeal all laws that are repressive and discriminate against women; and to urge Government to ratify and incorporate into laws of Malawi all international instruments on women and children’s rights.
  • To ensure enforcement of all laws that affect women and children by publishing and issuing enforcement agents of the Govemment and where possible bring collective actions and provide legal aid to any civil suits that have a “gender component”.

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