The world food program WFP

more than 850 million people go hungry every day

Hunger is inextricably linked to many other problems, such as poverty, disease, and deprivation.  In the fight against hunger, food is obviously essential, but so are efforts to help the hungry become self-sufficient and break the cycle of hunger and poverty.  Recognizing this, WFP works in a number of ways around the world to fight hunger and the conditions that breed it.  Among its various projects, WFP has a particular focus on the following programs: School Feeding, and Food Aid and HIV/AIDS. (On Issues).

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About: FRIENDS OF THE WORLD FOOD PROGRAM: Friends of the World Food Program (Friends of WFP) is a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to building support for the World Food Program (WFP) and other hunger relief efforts.

Our mission is to:

  • Increase awareness about global hunger issues;
  • Mobilize support for hunger relief programs and activities;
  • Generate resources for WFP operations and other activities that alleviate hunger.

To achieve these goals, Friends of WFP engages in advocacy, outreach, and fundraising activities.  With generous support from schools, ethnic groups, religious organizations, businesses, and individuals, Friends of WFP has helped channel millions of dollars to support WFP operations.

In collaboration with other groups, Friends of WFP is also active in building political support for US food aid programs.

Friends of WFP works to increase awareness of international hunger through media outreach and special events, including an annual award ceremony honoring leaders who work to end hunger.

Friends of WFP was established in 1995 and is based in Washington, DC.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of proven leaders who are knowledgeable of and care deeply about hunger issues.

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