School of Unity and Liberation SOUL

education is the property of on one, it belongs to the people as a whole, and if education is not given to the people, they will have to take it, (Che).

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  • SOUL is a school to build a movement.
  • SOUL is working to lay the groundwork for a powerful liberation movement by supporting the development of a new generation of young organizers – especially young women, young people of color, queer youth and working-class young people.
  • We believe that – in order for young organizers to build an effective movement for fundamental social change – they need support to develop the nuts-and-bolts organizing skills they need to mobilize their communities and to deepen their political analysis and their visions for fundamental social change.
  • SOUL is a training center designed to support the growing youth sector of the social justice movement. We run political education and organizing skills training programs, designed specifically to meet the particular needs of our generation of emerging movement leaders … (Mission).

Programs: Educational Alternatives Program, Movement 101, Sunday Schools;
Staff and Board;
Address: SOUL, 287 17th Street, Suite 225, Oakland, CA 94612, USA;

About: As we enter into our 10th year, SOUL is deeply grateful to all of our allies for your support during this period. As you know, the SOUL Board is focusing our energy on moving forward the organization to best serve the powerful work of our partners and allies and to re-solidify the infrastructure of the organization for many more decades of building power in our communities.

We’re excited to announce the hiring of longtime SOUL supporter Angelique Gonzáles as our new Executive Director! Angelique has been a participant, trainer and ally since SOUL’s inception. Most recently, Angelique has directed a community education program in San Francisco, Senior Survival School, which trains seniors in effectively accessing community-based resources and in exercising their rights. Her previous work includes several years as an advocate for homeless residents in San Francisco’s emergency shelter system, participation in local immigrant and housing rights movements, and ongoing political education and cultural work. Angelique is a proud aunt & madrina, and a committed anti-imperialist. You can welcome Angelique by email.

Angelique will be playing a critical role in leading SOUL towards our strategic direction, prioritizing the capacity building of grassroots membership-based organizations and multigenerational movement building. In this next stage, SOUL will deepen its commitment to anti-imperialist movement building by expanding our work from youth to youth and adults, and from individual activists to popular organizations in working class communities or color and gender oppressed communities.

Many of you who came to our Sunday School in October got a taste of the collective thinking on the importance of multi-generational movement building, and the key challenges and opportunities that presents Our discussion included international and historical case studies, local grassroots expertise and analysis, and a rich discussion on the current moment.

In the coming months, we will continue to solidify collaborations with key grassroots partners, and gear up for an exciting 2009. We look forward to our continued partnership with you as our allies and, as a board, are open to your feedback and support … (full text).

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