National Chicano Moratorium Committee

(Online Since July 1999 with a one page website)

Linked with Elizabeth Betita Martinez – USA.

The National Chicano Moratorium Committee was re-formed in December 2, 1989 at a national meeting called by Union del Barrio and La Raza Unida Party in East Los Angeles over 20 people showed up from all over Occupied Mexico/Aztlan. The purpose of the meeting was to organize an Aztlan-wide mobilization for the “20th Commemoration of August 29th, 1970 National Chicano Moratorium” in East Los Angeles. That initiative resulted in the largest Raza mobilization since the height of the Chicano Movement, over 8,000 Raza participants marched the streets of East Los Angeles to Salazar Park on August 25, 1990  … (full text);
Postal Address: National Chicano Moratorium Committee, P.O. Box 20411, Oxnard, Califas 93034-0411, USA; Contact by e-mail.


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