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The Arab American Institute (AAI) represents the policy and community interests of Arab Americans throughout the United States and strives to promote Arab American participation in the U.S. electoral system. AAI focuses on two areas: campaigns and elections and policy formation and research. The Institute strives to serve as a central resource to government officials, the media, political leaders and community groups and a variety of public policy issues that concern Arab Americans and U.S. – Arab relations … (about AAI /mission).

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About Arab-Americans: We’re an active constituency with a vital stake and voice in the issues dominating US public debates today. Read more about our votes, our opinions, and how Arab Americans are getting involved, in Get Involved.

We’re serving the United States as Senators, city council members, judges and more. See our Roster of Arab Americans in Public Service (PDF) and list of Arab American candidates in this year’s elections. Previous Rosters can be found here.

We’ve made our mark as actors, singers, politicians, fashion designers, and sports stars. See what famous Arab Americans you recognize in our most popular publication, “Arab Americans: Making a Difference”. We’re as many as 3.5 million people living in all 50 states. The US Census Bureau has designated AAIF as the Census Information Center for analyzing data on the Arab American community. Learn more in demographics


Arab Americans constitute an ethnicity made up of several waves of immigrants from the Arabic-speaking countries of southwestern Asia and North Africa that have been settling in the United States since the 1880s. More than 80 percent are U.S. citizens. Descendants of earlier immigrants and more recent immigrants work in all sectors of society and are leaders in many professions and organizations. As a community, Arab Americans have a strong commitment to family, economic and educational achievements, and making contributions to all aspects of American life. Their Arab heritage reflects a culture that is thousands of years old and includes 22 Arab countries as diverse as Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Yemen, Tunisia and Palestine …

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