Index December 2008

2008-12-01: Daily statistics for November 2008;
2008-12-01: The International Reformed Center John Knox IRCJK;
2008-12-02: Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development AIARD;
2008-12-03: Women’s Voice / Liu La Amayi – Malawi;
2008-12-04: The world food program WFP;
2008-12-05: School of Unity and Liberation SOUL;
2008-12-06: National Chicano Moratorium Committee;
2008-12-07: India Relief and Education Fund IREF;
2008-12-08: The Arab American Institute AAI;
2008-12-09: National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights;
2008-12-10: Centre for Agricultural Resources and International Development CEFARD;
2008-12-11: Why Democracy;
2008-12-13: Centre for International Competitiveness;
2008-12-14: International Development Research Centre IDRC;
2008-12-15: Global Value Chains GVC;
2008-12-16: Business fighting corruption;
2008-12-17: e-codices – the Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland;
2008-12-18: The San Francisco Day Labor Program;
2008-12-19: GTZ Partner for the Future, Worldwide;
2008-12-20: The Tri-continental Centre CETRI;
2008-12-21: The Fethullah Gülen Movement in Thought and Practice;
2008-12-22: Project Management for Development Organizations PM4DE;
2008-12-23: Canadian Children’s Rights Council;
2008-12-24: MF;
2008-12-25: Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies;
2008-12-26: Life Foundation UK;
2008-12-27: ReliefWeb;
2008-12-28: The David Suzuki Foundation;
2008-12-29: Global Footprint Network;
2008-12-30: The Hakomi Institute;
2008-12-31: India: Social Uplift Through Rural Action SUTRA.

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