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This website was developed as an anti-corruption resource for business. It explores and details the constructive role that business can play in fighting corruption and how this can be done jointly with other companies and stakeholders – an approach called “collective action”. Organizations and individuals are already successfully using collective action today, working with business associations, civil society, media, government departments and other stakeholders … (full text wellcome page).

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About: the summer of 2007, WBI began a series of discussions with representatives of the business community, NGOs and other anti-corruption stakeholders focused on the proposition that business could and, in fact, wanted to do more to be an active force for constructive change in high risk geographies or sectors. It became clear in the discussions that business wanted to go beyond internal compliance programs to external operational activities which would improve market and project transparency and competitiveness.

A core group then met in the fall to discuss, research, and better understand a proven anti-corruption concept involving business as an integral participant: Collective Action. Other interested parties took on guide review status because of pre-existing priorities. Meeting generally weekly by telephone, video-conference or in-person, the core group quickly found that numerous successful Collective Action examples existed – but were not well known or readily available. The identified goal then became to produce a guide – in the PowerPoint® language of business – which organizations could use as a resource to better understand and apply the various forms of Collective Action. On the basis of informative and enlightening discussions which often occurred during this process, the group also realized that a web portal was needed to continue these communications, and to permit others to engage and contribute, and the result is

The core group looks forward to an expanded and on-going dialogue on how business can better use Collective Action and other anti-corruption methodologies to further advance transparency, integrity and accountability.

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Coalition Launches Business Guide On Fighting Corruption.

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