The Fethullah Gülen Movement in Thought and Practice

Linked with Fethullah Güllen – Turkey, and with Islamic Revivalism in Muslim World.

I found no website (in english), but the movement is named in many articles:

  • … We take a look at the Gulen movement, a loose coalition of public institutions and media organisations inspired by the charismatic preacher Fetullah Gulen … (full text);
  • … This movement is one of the eight major groups derived from the work of the reformer Said Nursi (1873–1960), author of several volumes of Qur’anic exegesis known as Risale-I Nur. Nursi made an attempt to respond to the debates of his time (emergence of the new republic and Kemalist secularization efforts): he became the source of a powerful movement active in Turkey … (on;
  • … I’m prompted by several developments, past and present, in exploring this. Around this time last year the Australian Intercultural Society (AIS) launched the Fethullah Gulen Chair in the Study of Islam and Muslim-Catholic relations at the Australian Catholic University (ACU). The chair is one of the first of its kind and was set up with the express intent of promoting perspectives on Islam that were non-Arab of origin … (full text);
  • An international conference entitled “Islam in the Contemporary World: The Fethullah Gülen Movement in Thought and Practice” was held at The Boniuk Center for the Study and Advancement of Religious Tolerance at Rice University of Houston on 12-13 November 2005.  Download the conference papers in pdf … (full text);
  • Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., has continued a series of conferences organized on the themes of Islam and the Gülen movement … (full text);
  • Professors and students from all over have gathered for a conference on the gulen movement … (full text);
  • The Muslim world has been undergoing radical social, economic, political and intellectual change since its encounter with the West. How Muslims cope with the challenges they face necessarily impacts on the wider, non-Muslim world. The underlying aim of this conference is to examine the impact of the Gülen movement on the contemporary Muslim world in transition and the relations between the West and Islam in general … (full text);
  • The Google download book: Turkish Islam and the Secular State, By M. Hakan Yavuz, John L. Esposito, 2003, 280 pages;
  • This study is an effort to understand how the Gülen movement, named after the prominent Turkish scholar Fethullah Gülen, has a sphere of influence on the global scale. Active in more than a hundred countries with schools and intercultural centers, the Gülen movement is considered to be one of the most significant social movements that arose from the Muslim world … (full text);

… and many more on Google-web search for Gülen Movement.

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