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This website was first published in 2000, right after the launch of the German sister site by web designer and editor Hannelore Vonier, an artist, writer, matriarchy specialist and peace worker from Germany, now retired and living in Florida with her husband. Hannelore is convinced, that if you knew about the origin culture of humankind (called matriarchal culture by todays scientists – see definition of matriarchy), you will be able to improve your happiness and sense of being … (about 1/2).

Homepage and link to E-course Matriarchy;
Basics you should know;
Resources … as Matriarchal studies;
Free knowledge base about matriarchal indigenous societies: Description of Matriarchy, and the Term Matriarchy;

About 2/2: … The matter of this webpage is providing material about cultures who live in peace, without violence, war, jealousy or fears – and especially no battle of sexes or conflicts between generations. Societies in balance who enjoy every moment of their life, filled with love, joy and spirituality.

Studying this pages should lead to the question: What can we learn from non-patriarchal societies and how can we integrate this into our daily life?

If you doubt that such cultures exist today or if you think, the texts are not correct or complete, please do your own research and feel free to contribute your material. We are interested to provide variety of views and about as many peoples, tribes or other matriarchal communities as possible.

Also: if you have started an alternative anti-patriarchal project like building a clanlike community (i.e. ecovillages) or publishing your own regional money etc., let us know. We will introduce your project in order that others can learn.

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