General Union of Palestinian Women GUPW

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The General Union of Palestinian Women GUPW was established in 1965 as a body within the Palestinian Liberation Organization and according is considered to be the official representative body for Palestinian women around the world . It is also the umbrella for all women’s organizations in Palestine and in exile … (full text About/Mission Statement).

Strategic Objectives; Union Structure; Activities: Conferences;
Related Documents: The National Strategy for the Advancement of Palestinian Women;
Photo Album; Links; Arabic written section;
Addresses: Gaza: Al Rimal – Al Shohada Street; Ramallah: Al Bireh-Al Sharafa, by Al Razi Optical Hospital;

Main Goals:

  • 1- Mobilization of Palestinian Women in the struggle of their people for liberation from Israeli occupation, attainment of self-determination and the right of return as well as the establishment of the independent state on their national soil with Jerusalem as its capital.
  • 2- Raising women’s political awareness and participation in the decision making process, whether in the Unions, National Organizations or Political Parties. Reviewing policies, laws, legislation and decisions to ensure that they are non-discriminatory against men and that they adopt principles of equality and providing equal opportunities between men and women.
  • 4- Integration of women in the labor force and other economic activities.
  • 5- Raising the cultural and health standards of Palestinian women through organizing programs for fundamental education of illiteracy.

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