Zoroastrian Association of Gretar New York ZAGNY

Linked with Bapsi Sidhwa – Pakistan (-India-USA).

The 3rd North American Zoroastrian Conference was held in October of 1979, with the first day’s session at the Darbe Mehr and the second day at the Carnegie Center in New York city … Because of Professor Irani’s connections into the academic world, ZAGNY has over the years been able to organize excellent seminars on various aspects of Zoroastrianism and religious thought. On average, at least one such conference or seminar has taken place each year. ZAGNY also sponsored or co-sponsored the first two International Gatha conferences in Great Britain and Los Angeles and the Yasht conference last year. The taped proceedings or manuscripts of many of these conferences and seminars are in the archives of ZAGNY … (full text history /activities).

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History of ZAGNY (a short excerpt): … The 3000th Anniversary of the Zoroastrian Culture and Persian Parade – On November 15, 2003 ZAGNY and IZA celebrated the UNESCO-associated 3000th Anniversary of Zoroastrian Culture , featuring presentations:

by Professor Kaikhosrov D. Irani, CUNY professor emeritus of philosophy and Dr. Farhang Mehr, Boston University professor emeritus of international relations, and former deputy prime minister of Iran on “History, Beliefs and the Influence of Zoroastrianism on Other Cultures”.

Also featured were book displays, a multi-media presentation, Zoroastrian invocation prayers by priests and a pageant of Zoroastrian attire, past and present.

In 2004 and 2005 ZAGNY and IZA have participated in the Navruz Persian Day Parade in New York City. Also in 2004, ZAGNY honored Prof. Kaikhosrov Irani at a special dinner, for his contributions to the understanding of Zoroastrian religion and culture and to the field of Philosophy. Besides the Zoroastrian community, guests included former students and colleagues of Professor Irani … (full long text).

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