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(with the Arcobaleno – Rainbow Theatre)

Linked with Angelica Edna Calo` Livne – Israel and Italy, and with Israeli theater group encourages Arab and Jewish youngsters to take off their masks.

The Beresheet LaShalom Foundation is dedicated to the creation and perseverance of dialogue of children across diverse groups. The object of this dialogue is to educate and imbibe a positive spirit in confronting the difficult problems they face. The youth from these seemingly opposed cultures can unite around the positive interactions of theatre and can put the horrors they have faced into a perspective that does not foster that same hatred. The foundation seeks to create a generation which will approach other cultures with greater compassion and more understanding … (full text Homepage).

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Radio Program by our Theatre: The All for Peace Radio Station, that broadcasts simultaneously from Jerusalem and Ramallah, having heard of our work for peace and dialogue, invited us to experiment and produce a short pilot of an hour’s broadcast from young people to young people.

For the young actors of the Rainbow – Arcobaleno Theatre it was a whole new challenge, because now they had to express themselves in words instead of the body language which characterizes their performances of dance – theatre.

On-air, broadcasting since the first of January 2006 our programs are interesting and moving. We interviewed people who work for peace. The youngsters of Arcobaleno gave birth to a whole new concept of communication. Through the programs they expressed all their yearnings for a new world that will be better to live in.  We searched for a local radio station in our area to produce the pilots and Radio Galil Eliyon offered their help. They invited us to be their guests. After they saw how we create and work together they were so enthusiastic that they offered to be part of this project.

These are some of the items that we decided to include in the programs:

  • Interviews with Israeli and Palestinian youngsters of the Peace Delegation that recently returned from a trip to Italy.
  • An interview with a young group of Rappers (two Arabs from Fassouta Village and two Jews from Maalot) who sing songs about peace.

A brief dialogue by a young team at the radio station about Yonathan Gefen`s poem on “The Little Green Man” – the story of a green man with a green family, a green house, a green car, in a green city; one day when he goes out he sees a little blue man in this green city. Meytal, a 15 year old girl, asked a few questions:

  • “Is it possible to live in a whole green world?”
  • “Has it happened that you were once the little blue man of the story?

Generally, all the programs are performed with music and songs in Galilee, Jerusalem and Ramallah Arabic, Hebrew, or English chosen by the youngsters … (full text).

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