Internal Deplacement Monitoring Centre iDMC

Linked with IDP Internal Displaced People of July 20th, 2005, leading directly to the Global IDP project, Geneva (our today’s iDMC), with Vacancy: Training/Legal Officer; and with Kashmir and its PANDITS.

What we do: The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC), established in 1998 by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), is the leading international body monitoring conflict-induced internal displacement worldwide. Through its work, the Centre contributes to improving national and international capacities to protect and assist the millions of people around the globe who have been displaced within their own country as a result of conflicts or human rights violations … (about /what we do 1/2).

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Address: IDMC, Chemin de Balexert, 7-9, 1219 Chatelaine, Geneva, Switzerland;

About /What we do 2/2:
… At the request of the United Nations, the Geneva-based IDMC runs an online database providing comprehensive information and analysis on internal displacement in some 50 countries. Based on its monitoring and data collection activities, the Centre advocates for durable solutions to the plight of the internally displaced in line with international standards. The IDMC also carries out training activities to enhance the capacity of local actors to respond to the needs of internally displaced people (IDPs). In its work, the Centre cooperates with and provides support to local and national civil society initiatives.

… The IDP database:

The Centre’s IDP database provides frequently updated information and analysis on conflict-induced internal displacement around the globe. It is unique in being the only provider of comprehensive information on all situations of conflict-induced internal displacement worldwide.

The database features some 50 internal displacement profiles, each providing a brief overview, as well as more in-depth information and analysis on the respective IDP situation and its background. Thus, the database enables users to quickly acquire an understanding of IDP situations and their context at whatever level of detail and depth is required.

By providing easy and free access to IDP-related information, the IDMC directly contributes to raising awareness of the plight of internally displaced people. At the same time, it is an important tool used by humanitarian actors and governments to identify and address gaps in the protection and assistance of IDPs. Prominent among the database’s users are governments, UN agencies, other intergovernmental organisations, international, national and local NGOs, as well as the media and academia.

In its structure, each country profile follows the sequence of issues covered by the UN Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement, the set of international standards concerning IDPs … (full text).

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