Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network EMHRN

Réseau euro-méditerranéen des droits de l’Homme (in english, en français, en arabic)

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  • A network of more than 80 human rights organisations, institutions and individuals based in 30 countries in the Euro-Mediterranean region,
  • Established in 1997 in response to the Barcelona Declaration and the establishment of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership,
  • With a membership adhering to universal human rights principles and convinced of the value of cooperation and dialogue across and within borders (about /who we are).

News; Publications; Core Network Documents; Newsletter;
Training Materials; Members-map; Comité exécutif; Vacancies;
The Euromed NGO platform; The Europmed Human Rights Foundation;
Address: EMHRN, Vestergade 16, 2nd floor, DK-1456 Copenhagen K, Denmark;

About /working groups: The working groups are created as a part of the EMHRN strategy of addressing specific human rights issues in the Euro-Mediterranean Region.

The working groups design specific policies and programmes, advise the Executive Committee, and ensure the effective delivery of the mandate and agenda of the Network.
The EMHRN working groups can be ad hoc or permanent groups. For the time being, there are 6 active EMHRN working groups:

  • Freedom of Association
  • Human Rights Education & Youth
  • Justice
  • Migration & Refugees
  • Palestine/Israel & Palestinians
  • Women’s Rights & Gender

The working groups are established for a specific purpose and may be composed of regular, individual and associate members. It may invite resource persons (individuals or representatives of organizations) to its meetings.

The EMHRN vice-president, Mrs Eva Norström is the over-all responsible for the working groups.

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