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ADD’s vision is of a world where all disabled people are able to enjoy their rights, fulfil their responsibilities and obligations and participate as fully as they choose at every level of society.
ADD supports organisations of disabled people in Africa and Asia to influence policy and practice to end social exclusion and poverty … (full text Homepage).

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Who we are: Action on Disability and Development is an international development agency, supporting organisations of disabled people as they campaign for their rightful inclusion in society. ADD was established in 1985 in recognition of the fact that disabled people, especially disabled women and children, are among the poorest, most disadvantaged and socially excluded. This is particularly true in developing countries, where they are often excluded from development assistance. Since then we have directly supported over 170,000 disabled people and many more indirectly.

ADD promotes a human rights approach to development, challenging the exclusion of disabled people or disablism (disabling attitudes and environments). Fundamental to our work is the acceptance of the social model of disability i.e. that disability is the social consequence of having an impairment and that society needs to change to ensure disabled people are fully included. Disabled children and adults have a right to be included in society and development work – this ensures a better, more inclusive world.

We believe that the most effective way to bring about lasting social change that promotes equal opportunities for disabled people is to support the development of vibrant and representative disability organisations as part of the disability rights movement. ADD’s goal is to support organisations of disabled people in Africa and Asia to influence policy and practice, thereby ending social exclusion and poverty.

ADD’s two aims are:

  • To enable rights-based organisations of disabled people to become effective, self-sustaining, democratic and representative membership organisations, able to carry out their work and to promote the rights of all disabled adults and children to full inclusion in society.
  • To work with disability rights organisations to influence policy makers and development organisations to include the rights and needs of disabled people in all their work and to encourage them to allocate resources for this.

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