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Welcome to AfriKaViva, the cyber House of Africa:

  • Come and join us : our dream has come true ! If you believe in a better world, if you want to contribute actively towards it, we expect you as one of the many champions of Africa, the generous continent, yet aware of its wealth, open to the world, yet refusing to drown in it, determined to conquer its own greatness in order to be truly free.
  • Africa, the mother of mankind, the cradle of human joy as well as of suffering. The continent which knows the power of creation and the power of word. Hence Afrika Viva – a statement : Africa is alive, and a prayer : Long live Africa!
  • Culture has always been the best and ultimate ambassador of values, awareness and hopes. AfriKaViva is a cultural organisation, in a broad sense, without any political or religious ties, determined to stand up for values which benefit today’s changing humanity and to share teachings born from ancient wisdom and gracefully handed down to the planet’s children.
  • AfriKaViva represents a commitment, a state of mind. It is also an incentive to take one’s responsibilities, small and big, with a dynamic spirit, in such a way that laughter and love for life will go hand in hand with efficiency and professionalism.
  • If you feel ready, if the flame of hope is still burning in your heart, come and join us, whether just as a member of the association or with with projects, ideas and proposals. The team of AfriKaViva looks forward to meet you!

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Click on download for a 55 pdf pages report: Ubuntu, Africa’s gift to the world.

Vision for AfriKaViva:

  • Afrika, for Mama Afrika, the continent which gave birth to humanity’s first ancestor, sang the oldest lullabies, knew how to feed, heal, protect and guide its children on their life path. The Mother who taught Ubuntu : alone, you are nothing, togetherness is everything, with yourself, with the other, with nature and the universe. Who also taught to love beauty, to practice tolerance, respect and dignity. So that there be harmony, prosperity for all and the gift of life flowing ongoingly.
  • Viva, because Africa is alive, her heart beats, she breathes deep, in spite of all the invasions, exploitation and inflicted wounds. Her roots are firmly anchored in her nurturing soil, her out-reaching foliage sings with the stars. From the most famous to the most unknown, the spirit of her children has never ceased to keep a watchful eye on the world. Today is wake-up time, powerfully and strongly. With her culture, identities and ancient wisdom, Africa is celebrating a new bond between tradition and modern ages.
  • AfrikaViva chose to adopt, practice, teach and share Ubuntu, a concept which in Zulu means ‘alone I do not exist’, ‘I am because we belong together’. In other words and without denying the importance of each individual, what counts most is the link between people and the way in which people relate to each other. It is time to move from competition to complementarity between people and to community building. As individuals it is our responsibility today to know where we come from and who we belong to, and to use our talents and capacities to serve the human community and life in general : we are one.
  • Ubuntu is an ancestral philosophy indeed. It is also a way of life, an every day practice which is applicable in all fields and represents the model which the African continent and even the whole planet is in need of in these early years of the third millennium. Adapted to modern times, to present day reality, it becomes a powerful tool able to bring about efficient management without loosing out on human dignity. In the process, humility is needed, as well as respect for others, a sense for community and personal responsibility, solidarity and commitment. In other words, it calls for a readiness to look beyond one’s own selfish interests and needs, as well as high ethics.
  • With Ubuntu each individual finds the way back to a human and sacred dimension, religious in the latin sense of the word which means ‘to link, to connect’. Instead of division there is connection between people, communities, nations, matter and energy, the visible and the invisible worlds, humanity and the universe. Life make sense again, in a holistic understanding. When essential human rights are met, human dignity is respected and it becomes clear that true needs are neither military nor economic but spiritual.
  • When inscribing Ubuntu in a methodology adapted to modern needs, the concept applies to leadership and management of enterprises, institutions, organisations. It is a basis for conflict resolution, citizenship education, peace for young and old without dogma nor dependency or enslavement, but simply resting on fundamental human values. The power of Ubuntu is its simplicity : it is not an intellectual concept but sits in one’s heart and is Africa’s gift to the world. (


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