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At the turn of the century India’s progress seems stalled by the prevalent ambience of fear and terror along with a nostalgia for happier and more secure times.The scale of displacement, the deep divisions, the smouldering hatreds, the continuing politicisation of events-all these are threatening the secular fabric of out society. What is disheartening is that the threat is continuously being reinforced by a Sustained campaign of hatred by the fundamentalist and fascist forces. They have and still are distorting religion to build a fascist regime by spreading misinformation, false propaganda and distrust for each other in the hearts of the common citizens. The question is whether we will remain passive onlookers or take steps to ensure harmony and progress among the people … (full text about 1/2).

Indian Journal of Secularism;
Institute of Islamc Studies: Hindu-Muslim Unity through religion?
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About 2/2: … Given the present situation of uncertainty and insecurity, if serious attempts are not made to counter the campaign of communal hatred, the very unity, integrity and progress of the country is at stake.

One has to adopt a multidimensional approach to combat the communal menace. While it is necessary to fight it politically and through an intensive campaign, it is also necessary to undertake serious research about various controversies generated by communal forces. It is therefore necessary to undertake serious academic studies and link-up with activists engaged in countering the communal campaign.

It was this concern over growing communalism and the need for redefining the concept of secularism for a cohesive society that mobilised a group of eminent academics, social activists and prominent citizens to set up the Centre for Study and Society and Secularism.


The first consultation-cum-planning session was organized by the Centre in May 1993 with noted academics, social activists and other concerned people from all over the country that gave the Centre its present shape and contents.


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