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About /Aims and Benefits:
Objectives – The project aims:

  • To create conditions deem necessary for people to take on urgent initiatives, beyond the efforts already made to date, which will do away with bad notion on Africans.
  • To develop appropriate methodologies for transforming the specific support and promotion of those cultural elements that constitute testimonies and symbols of bicultural convergence, with priority to areas were culture is under direct attack in the context of promotion, education, awareness and entertainment.
  • To demonstrate a deeper probing into the problem of Africa and its globalisation consequences as it relates to cultures and religions and the noting of dangers, and also of opportunities, which derive from its economic, technological and political context.
  • To design and pilot a sustainable network for future cultural interactions.
  • To demonstrate that cultural richness and diversity are important elements in the processes of integration and socio-economic development.
  • Building up a network towards an African Parliament in Switzerland.
  • Building up media channels, e-mail newsletter, homepage-portal, newspaper(s), radiostation, television.

Benefits – The objectives set for this project translates into benefits for all. For example:

  • This initiative aim to construct a single reference point to all Africans living in Switzerland in one direction.
  • This would provide enhanced visibility to all the participating parties within a common goal and technological framework.
  • The visibility offered would create awareness and also disabuse the wrong notion that Swiss have on Africans.
  • This would support more efficient public awareness campaigning by all parties concerned and would facilitate a more representative interpretation of African cultural branding.
  • The methodologies created by this project would empower all to live in an egalitarian society without fear.
  • At the same time the exposure to the African culture would create awareness and increase appreciation about our cultural artefacts and as individuals.
  • Bring about cultural preservation & exchange.
  • Economic development & trade.
  • Social awareness and trust for each other
  • Develop self-pride and love and provide our people with education, skills and tools to compete in the world job market

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