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Linked with Freshta Shikhany – Pakistan ex Afghanistan.

The aim of PACT programmes: The languages spoken on both sides of the Pak-Afghan border, the culture and traditions of the people, and the problems they are facing in their day-to-day lives, are all inter-related. People living on both sides of the border can help each other solve their problems. How can people’s standard of living improve? How can the conflicts which beset them, be solved in an amicable fashion? How can extremism and polarization of society – inimical to Islam – be replaced by Islamic moderation? … // … These are the answers which PACT programmes seek to address, in the words of ordinary members of society – the ones who have most to gain from solution of current problems, and most to lose from the perpetration of these problems. (full text about /the aim of PACT programmes – scroll down).

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  • The name of PACT reflects its main aim: the resolution of all types of conflict.
  • Working from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Peshawar University, PACT has a team of  reporters throughout the Pak-Afghan border regions. From Chitral and Badakhshan in the north, to Helmand and Balochistan in the south, our reporters are contributing to our three  programmes – PACT’s flagship “Da Pulay Poray” (Across the Borderline) programme, which deals with topical, social, cultural and other issues in the border regions, “Din-o-Dunya” (Religion and the World), a programme looking objectively at the practice of Islam in today’s world and “Qavi Mumin” (Healthy Believer), which addresses health issues.
  • These three programmes give a forum to ordinary people, to look at the problems they are facing – especially conflict – and to suggest how they see solutions emerging to their problems. PACT journalism is oriented towards, not just highlighting problems, but also trying to solve problems. This approach makes PACT programmes particularly conducive to conflict resolution.

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