The International Institute for Sustainable Development IISD

Institut International du développement durable

Picked up on Weitzenegger’s Website for International  Development Cooperation, and its Newsletter.

IISD champions sustainable development around the world through innovation, partnerships, research and communications. (Homepage).

Site Index:
Sustaining Excellence: The 2007-2008 Annual Report of the International Institute for Sustainable Development, download it in english, 38 pdf pages, en français;
Access and benefit-sharing; Publications; Media; Earth Negotiations Bulletin; e-newsletter;
Economics and Sustainable Development SD; Indicators; Water;
Governance of networks; Influence of Networks;
Address: IISD’s Head Office, 161 Portage Avenue East, 6th Floor, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 0Y4;

About: The world is challenged by a changing climate, biodiversity loss, abject poverty and environmental degradation. What can make a difference? Good ideas. Creativity. Passion. Innovation. The achievement of change.

IISD is in the business of promoting change towards sustainable development. As a policy research institute dedicated to effective communication of our findings, we engage decision-makers in government, business, NGOs and other sectors in the development and implementation of policies that are simultaneously beneficial to the global economy, the global environment and to social well-being.

In the pursuit of sustainable development, we promote open and effective international negotiation processes. And we believe fervently in the importance of building our own institutional capacity while helping our partner organizations in the developing world to excel.

Established in 1990, IISD is a Canadian-based not-for-profit organization with a diverse team of more than 150 people located in more than 30 countries. Through our dynamic portfolio of projects, we partner with more than 200 organizations throughout the world … (full text).

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