financing fair trade, investing in a fairer world

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Shared Interest is a co-operative lending society that aims to reduce poverty in the world by providing fair and just financial services. We have been part of the fair trade movement for 17 years and work extensively with community-based businesses in Africa and other continents to help them make the most of fair trade … (about 1/2).

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Addresses: Headquarter, Shared Interest Society Ltd, No 2 Cathedral Square, The Groat Market, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1EH, United Kingdom – (more in Nairobi and Costa Rica);

About 2/2: … We work primarily by providing finance up front to producers, often via their buyers, to enable them to buy raw materials, tools and the other things they need at the time they need them. We also offer longer term loans and other credit facilities to support the development of fair trade businesses.

We currently have more than 8,500 members who have invested over £22 million to allow us to make a range of financial services available to fair trade producers and the businesses that buy, market and retail their goods.

Shared Interest is owned and controlled by its membership. Each member has an equal voice and vote, regardless of account size.

The Society’s Governance involves a Board of Directors, responsible for the direction and management of the Society. Members elect the Directors at the AGM. The Directors report to members each year and answer members’ questions.

There is also a Council, a body which serves to represent the membership. The Council has the power to question the Directors and management and if it sees fit, to address the membership independently.

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